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Mrunaal Thakur as Saakshi in Arjun

Where does a photograph belong? Apart from what you can see in a photograph, I believe, there are numerous other factors – both seen and unseen which give you an impression as to where the photo belongs and what it is trying to convey. Of course, there is what you can actually see in the background or part of the environment where the picture was taken and then there is colour and tone which conveys the mood. Lately, I have been trying to create photos which seem that they have been grabbed from films.

Anamorphoc Arjun

I realised that apart from using focal lengths which are primarily used in film making and toning the photograph (the equivalent of DI or Digital Intermediate in films) there is one very important factor that has an effect on how we perceive a photograph and that is aspect ratio. Most of the films that we see are shot on an aspect ratio of 1:1.85 or 1:2.35 or 1:2.40  and over the  years we come to associate these aspect ratios with being “cinematic”.

Mrunaal Thakur as Saakshi in Arjun

Each of these photographs have been inspired from a film, at least in my head – whether or not it comes across, I leave it you to tell me. Do these remind you of any particular film that you have seen or do you think that they could have easily belonged to a particular film? Please let me know.

Shaleen as Arjun

More on aspect ratios when we meet next. Until then, take care.

— By Gorky M



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