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Falling in love

There are many ways of creating stories and characters. Sometimes you are lucky enough and someone comes along  with a story and characters that you empathise with and you make it your own. Why empathy? I feel feel that in order to tell a story well or for other people to identify with it – there should be a level of understanding  and connect with the characters.

Keeping this in mind, each time I create something new,  I try to give something unique to each of the characters from my own life and I strongly feel that the closer it is – the more real the character becomes. Not just me but a lot of people do it or should do it if they don’t. Therefore each journey of creation becomes a journey within oneself to try and pry out something that is deep and hidden inside. This journey can actually leave you crushed or ecstatic  – depending on what you discover. Deliberately reliving your joys and pains over and over again can be quite an experience and every time you do it – you discover something new about yourself. I read somewhere that the moment you don’t have anything to draw from inside your “well”, your journey as an artist comes to an end and I think that most artists are insecure of dipping a bucket inside and find it coming up empty.

The solution (if I may call it that) is to embrace all that comes your way. Enjoy all the experiences that life shells out – joy, pain and most of all – falling in love. I really do think that we don’t  fall in love often enough.

Arjun falling in love was a very special sequence spread over four mini sequences and I wanted it to be special – as falling in love should be! To show a contrast between the Arjun that we saw in the series, all hardened and ravaged by his past and the Arjun that was – lovestruck and blinded by Roshni was a challenge. We managed to shoot only two of the mini-sequences that have been strung together in a loose edit below.

By now, quite a few of you are trying to draw a possible  connect between my life and Arjun’s but I will leave it up to your imagination. After all, I have to see that some bits remain in my “well” for my autobiography!!!

Take a look at Arjun falling in love and let me know whether you think we would have managed to pull this off.  The sequence too – like a lot of love stories – is incomplete!

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